Love Vision not Louis Vuitton

IMG_7368This is an exhibition which inspired me quite a lot recently. Although it’s a brand exhibition and seems not very relevant to my study, it’s very interesting.  There aren’t any thing partially about space, from beginning to the end is about the promotion of LV’s products like its handbag, clothing and shoes and also the industrial process of production. However, aside from those basic things they shown to us, I found out something catch my eyes more, the spatial design.  It was hold in a very simple furnished interior space. The tone of the wall is light grey. The structure of the wall is clear and easy to observe. Then, they cleverly used elements to create tension and sprinkled the site.



°Entrance-creating the sense of space by media

IMG_7352 IMG_7355

I’m so obsessed with this tunnel.  At the front view, you will see a tunnel from small to big, it’s like a time tunnel and with the sense of ‘ outer space’. The miracle things happened when you pass through it, you will realise it’s slightly spiral as you go along circularly. At the end, when you looked back it doesn’t go from small to big, they are above the same height and is the vision make you think so.

Here is the back of the tunnel, it looks like the tunnel is created by the fabric with the white light shine onto it to intend this atmosphere.


Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

IMG_7345 IMG_7347

There is also a very fascinating object held in the ceiling. It looks like a ball but when you pay more attention, it is a half of a ball, another half is the reflection from the silver ceiling and turned out to be a ball-like vision. I sincerely love this idea and admired the cleverness of the designer.

°The industrial process shown in laser light.

IMG_7361 IMG_7360LV-logo



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