Branded space in Elephant and Castle?

Branded space, a kind of new and unspecialised term in the art field. A space with brands is known as branded space? Obviously, the answer will be no! It is much further than that.  First if all, it is not a particular category, and that is what makes it harder to be defined.

Public perception is always the central core value of any business company. Brands are involved in lots of areas: such as fashion or luxury brands, industrial brands,  product brands, personal brands, service brands, ethical brands, investor brands, and activist brands, etc.(Somma, 2016) Brands need attention from the public for both maintaining the running services and profits to succeed.  Intensely, they are meant to increase their publicity in all possible ways, the advertisement will be the standard option.

img_3535 img_3527


Conversely, the public space needs branding to be identical. Branding of a civil cannot be created immediately. It’s the building up from surroundings, the outcome of the procedural. Just like the shown space in Elephant and Castle. It was built up by plenty containers with different colours and texture. It is an exterior space with surrounded by containers, the empty space created in the middle will geographically feel like an interior space, with the sense of being inside of space.  Why is this place branded? No, it doesn’t brand itself, the perception and impression that it provided guiding the audience to brand it. In this example, different people analyse this site variously with individuals observation skills. For me, I will consider it as a campsite collaborating with the arts. In the first place, I will like the structure and arrangement of the stores, particularly on the top level where you have to explore the shops. The combination of cafes, hand-made craft, art collection, an interior design company and a salon. They seem like not relevant to each other, but they actually do! They are all art based in a way. I love the feeling of a chemical reaction between the sense and the people’s thought. To summarise it, what I want to bring out is a branded space can be differentiated by the community’s senses and personal tastes, it doesn’t have to stick with what it originally is or believe in what provided beforehand.



Somma, M. (2016). 18 Different Types Of Brand. [online] Branding Strategy Insider. Available at: [Accessed 6 Dec. 2016].



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