Canary Wharf

canary wharfimg_3920-copyimg_3964-copyimg_3927-copy

Unlike other places in London, the buildings are so organised that in a particular way, it doesn’t feel like England. The modern architecture is more in new york nor hong kong style.  According to my experience of looking down to the city from the plane, the night view of the city is so admiring but also outlines the urban city planning where the buildings located and the streets crossed.  You will realise the development of the use of land is not the specialised whereas the buildings in Canary Wharf are so well-planned in the site plan. This pretty much proven that must be a company who owns the docklands and planned the redevelopments.

I couldn’t find out any surveillance surrounded the area that I visited. There are station and mall, so I believe that there must be some for safety issues, especially it is a developing area. But as long as it was hidden quite well, I don’t feel like being watched.

Throughout the visit, I discovered an art event held by Canary Wharf in association with the Royal British Legion around the estate, named ‘Remembrance Art Trail’. These installations are created by the artist,Mark Humphrey. He aimed to imply the visual story of the sacrifice serviced by our Armed Forces as well as to encourage personal reflection and contemplation. They are located in different areas to be investigated and to guide the audience into deeper thoughts and understandings. The different focus within the wider theme of military experience is developing through each piece of works, providing a communicating platform for the designer and audience to dispute. By salvaging materials from military sources associated with the military manufacturing techniques to finish the artworks, the extraordinary story shown visually and more empathy drags into minds whereas providing opportunities for private reflection.

ANA Jubilee Plaza
canary wharf
a work about abstract poppy forms explored within military transport parts of the British Armed Forces

Fallen Soldiers in Reuters Plaza
an installation about remembering our servicemen and women during all conflicts.

Brother in Arms in Cabot Square
Military conflicts about human sacrifice, comradeship and remembrance

The Lost soldiers at Adams Plaza
“remembering and forgiveness”

img_3957-copyimg_3962-copy img_3945-copyimg_3923-copy
“Canary Wharf now has one of the United Kingdom’s largest collections of Public Art.” Events and exhibitions are constantly happening in the whole estate. Unimaginable numbers of artists, organisations and charities are cooperating to produce so many inspiring works in both exterior and interior and in all sort of unconcerned areas. Personally, I’m so appreciated of this circumstance, this condenses the strong commercial sense in the north side, perhaps making the area lively again!

In the role of its trend to be the New Urbanism, every space has its own purpose on it. It is so well-planned which makes you feel like you have to follow its pathway to go. Walkways were built neatly to different directions, a clear distinction between the business area and residential area. Open areas are meant to be the right proportion for people’s movement meanwhile others can enjoy their personal spaces.  Each routine seems to be predicted before everything is being made and systematically manipulated by the owner.



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