Experiencing the spatial environment in Westfield


First of all, this isn’t my first visit to Westfield. The publicity of its name is relatively high to the level that every citizen must hear about this shopping mall. Surprisingly, it even maintains a higher achievement compared to the famous shopping centre like Selfridges and Harrods. Besides, the location is distanced from the central, not a place that you would like to visit randomly. Stratford is located in between zone 2 and 3, not everyone can make an effort to go if they have other choices. With the inconvenient district, I was amazed by the flow rate of visitors during my visit, especially it is on a weekday, Tuesday.  There isn’t any space that is empty, not at all!

The overall aspect of the place in my mind is modern, spacious, minimalistic and well-organised. Among certain distance, approximately five shops, there will be seating areas associated with pop-up stores and cafe. Whenever the buyers feel the need of taking a break, there will be a space for them. Such an intimated design. Sincerely from the layout of the resting area, it shows the care that the mall tried invested on and offer the best for the visitors. In statistic data,”The official representative vaunted that the Shopping Centre takes up more than 150,000 square meters of space”. From the BBC’s interview with Mayor Boris Johnson,” She thought she is in a mini-town of the scale of the centre.” (News BBC, 2008) We literally have the same thoughts. It’s like a town with all the essentials, it was designed in an all-in-one plaza, they install the predicted needs that may occur, they read human’s mind and tended to be perfect to let the guest forget the time in the space. When they get bored of something, other facilities will attract them immediately. Such as cinema, food court and even casino.


To the concern of the tenants pay different rents, it is reasonable and tolerable to the tenants. The higher the level, the more it is spacious. For instance level three, it is under the clear beam which the natural light comes along constitute as a bonus. Moreover, the height of the stores get higher, look enormous and spatial in perception. The larger scale reduces the tension of the atmosphere and proportionally provide wider space in vision.




News.bbc.co.uk. (2008). BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Enormous shopping complex opens. [online] Available at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/7699209.stm [Accessed 6 Dec. 2016].



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