Case studies: Studio O+A and I29

‘Capital One Labs’ is a project produced by Studio O+A in 2013. A design company located in City San Francisco providing service to improve customers’ financial health: creating financial service apps. The design’s subject is being variable in ways. Applying movable furniture and walls brings out the fluidity of space. Space can be shaped into the desired slot rely on the personal needs of the individuals. Nook adapted into several zones and was admitted by the client that it is beneficial to bring “the spectrum of introversion to extroversion”. In an opinion, they bring out one important concept that space can be selective, adaptive and regenerate, not only by the designer but the users. A welcoming atmosphere is an essence in an office, it impulses and motivates the spirit of the employees. The concept: ‘Space shapes thinking’ is so innovative. A right working circumstance can stimulate the thinking pattern.


‘Office 05’ is a collaboration project by i29 interior architects. The media agency, MediaXplain is located in an industrial building at the Old Port of Amsterdam. By implementing big open windows that set at an angle to eliminate the reflections of the glass, this increased the overall spatial senses. Aspired the building skeletons, i29 proposed an idea of operating materials like rough oak wood for furniture; the raw concrete wall; custom designed concrete carpets; grey acoustic ceilings and an industrial staircase. Big working desks overlook the view of the port. Black surface walls mostly applied in corridors and connecting to other working zones. A corner is used to conduct a large screen projection for implying the image of a media company to the clients. A clarify colour to use to distinguish the zones of work, leisure area and public connection pathway by applying black and white colours.


The hardest thing for both projects is they were excogitating for the designers who tended to have a higher expectation. The outcomes are satisfying and personally appreciating their success and unique concepts to meet the client’s demand.


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